Comboni house

Motto:  “The Conquerors”  

House Colour: Red

Comboni House, named after St. Daniel Comboni the founder of the Comboni Missionaries, is one of the four houses at St. Kizito S.S Bugolobi. With a population of more than 300 students, the house has seen itself ascend to the top and becoming a champion twice in the inter-house competitions and is still going strong. These competitions include Athletics, Music dance and drama and debating.

The house system at St. Kizito gives learners and teachers a sense of belonging. One should pay us a visit when there are inter-house competitions then you will witness the burning passion usually exhibited.
Over the years, the house has had different charismatic patrons starting with, Ms Kyoshabire Juliet, followed by Mr Simon Peter Mutumba who was succeeded by Mrs Pearson Ojobiru Scovia, Mr Muhangi John took over from her and currently the patron Comboni House is Mr. Ampuriire Fortunate.
The house is gifted with a number of, exceptional, vibrant, unwavering and hard working teachers who have worked tooth and nail as a steadfast team to see the house rise to glory. They include;

  1. Mr. Ampuriire Fortunate (Patron)
  2. Mr. Kibuuka Robert
  3. Mrs Kityo Rebecca Nabisooli
  4. Mrs Muhairwe Diana Nabaasa
  5. Sr. Ninsiima Rovinah
  6. Mr Mutumba Simon Peter
  7. Ms. Namuli Immaculate
  8. Mr Pule Charles
  9. Seguya Joseph Ballikudembe




I’m proud to be a product of St. Kizito S.S Bugolobi. It has contributed much to what I am today

-Beatrice Akite

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