Games and Sports


Sports and games are things you can do. Sports are things you play either inside or outside. You can play on a team or by yourself. Games on the other hand are similar to sports but games could be many things... for example you can play a board game which is a game that you sit down and play with a board.

Physical health is not the only advantage of sports and games. Participation in sports and games fosters friendliness, broadmindedness, teamwork and team building among the participants. Sportsmen forget caste differences and religious differences and become friendly with one another. They look upon the world as one family. Thus sports and games have a lot of social and educative value.

At St. Kizito, first term is reserved for sports and athletics. The four school houses compete in football, volleyball, netball and inter house athletics. Points and computed and later on added to other activities.


I’m proud to be a product of St. Kizito S.S Bugolobi. It has contributed much to what I am today

-Beatrice Akite

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