Clubs and movements at St. Kizito S.S bugolobi

St. Kizito Secondary School Bugolobi strongly believes holistic Education and formation. While we educate to develop skills, we also have programmes for character formation and lifelong learning. At school, each student must belong to at least one club. Clubs are categorised into.

The Patriotism Club

The Patriotism Club of St. Kizito is the youngest Club in the School having been inaugurated on 3rd July 2014 by Lt. Col. Matsiko, the national Patriotism Corps Commissioner.

The main aim of the Club is to inspire young men and women in schools to love their country. The club aims at developing the following skills and values in young people;

You are most welcome to join our club and to our beloved home St. Kizito S.S Bugolobi

Patron: Ms Namuli Immaculate

Assistant Patron: Ms Kivumbi Teddy

General Secretary: Mrs Mitana Georgi


Junior Achievement Club

This is a non-profit making world-wide programme that focuses on three pillars.

It main aim of the club is to inspire the young to acquire hands-on experience to improve the quality of their lives. We therefore learn by doing. Its global network, long experience and intervention in the right stage in life.

In a world of youth unemployment, there is great need to support our education system by providing life skills to young people to become enterprising and creative. The club trains students how to start and run a business effectively and efficiently.

Patron: Mr Opolot Joseph


Legion of Mary Club

Legion of Mary was founded on September 7th, 1921 by Frank Duff. It is a lay apostolic organisation at the service of the Church, under ecclesiastical guidance. It has two purposes;

The Legion, which is to be founded in almost every country in the world, has nearly three million active members and many more auxiliary (Praying) members.

Patron: Mr Lubega Edward

Assistant Patron: Mr Adukule Denis

Member: Sr. Rovina Ninsiima


The Symposium Club

The club was started in March 2008 with very outstanding leaders. The slogan is ‘The School Parliament.’ The club aims are;

Promote debate and discussions among members on topical local and global issues using the Socratic approach.

The members in the Symposium club believe that, they have a potential and ability to influence and make a difference in the society.

Patron: Mr Semyalo Rodgers

Assistant Patrons: Mr Otim Patrick Agoma, Mr. Ssembuusi Paul


Interact Club

Introduced in 2009, the club’s motto is “Service above Self”.

Interact comes from two words, International and Action.

Interact club of St. Kizito S.S Bugolobi was started by the Rotary club of Bugolobi which provides guidance and inspiration to the interact club of St. Kizito.

Each year, interact club completes one community service project which is fundamental in promoting international understanding and good will.

Interact club has five primary avenues;

Interactors; developing a worldwide network of friendship through exchanges with local and overseas clubs and thus, develop friendship and skills.

Interactors also take part in Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) and hence become ambassadors and scholars.

Through service to the community, interactors develop leadership skills and integrity.

 Advancing international understanding and good will.

Developing talents through educative drama, songs, debate, workshops.

‘Service above Self’

Tusiime Peter Paul (Patron)

Ampuriire Fortunate (Assistant Patron)


Youth Alive Club

Motto: “It’s Time to Act”

This dynamic club which promotes education for life and behaviour change. The club was formed to promote behaviour change mong the youths against undesirable social acts and their consequences.

Aims of the club:

Youth Alive members regularly participate in community visits to orphanages, hospitals, baby homes and home for the disabled and making donations with the backing from the school.

Patron: Mr Opolot Joseph

Assistant: Mr Okiria Emmanuel


French Club

The Club gets members from those students who offer French in S.3 and S.4. We also welcome well wishers and those with a passion for French.

Aims of the Club;

Club activities



Prayer Group

It is one of the religious clubs in the school. During baptism all Christians got the task to be disciples of Jesus Christ by virtue of their baptism, and therefore share in the mission of Christ of evangelising to all nations.

Prayer group helps students to stir the gifts of the Holy Spirit they received during baptism. The gifts are put into use through different Christ centred activities like;

The teachers in Prayer group include;

Mr Ssewankambo Tom Mary (Patron)

Mr Ssembuusi Paul (Assistant Patron)


The Focolare Movement

The term ‘Focolare’ means ‘fire place’. This name was applied to the movement (Club) since its inception by people of Trent (Italy) because of the fire of the Gospel lived by Chiara the founder of the Focolare and her companions. The Focalare movement began during the Second World War in 1948, in the northern part of Italy called Trent. Chiara and her companions understood that the gospel could be put into practice, so in the midst of war, they could run with the Bible, read it and put it into practice.

The Charism

The evangelical love of neighbour.  A love that is ever new which I for every one and one has to take the first step in loving and be able to recognise and love Jesus in every neighbour.


The following teachers are members of the club;

Mrs Mitana Georgia (Patron)

Ms Lanyero Victoria (Assistant Patron)


Climate Change Club

Established in the school 2009, the Climate Change Club was initiated by British Council Uganda under the titled International Climate Change Champions (ICCC).

Activities and Aims

In late 2009, our project was rated best and the chairperson of the club Waswa Noah (S.6 Science then) was chosen and offered all expenses paid trip to India to attend a conference of International Climate Change Champions in 2011.

In 2011, still, we linked with the Straight Talk foundation (Tree Talk) where we participated in an essay writing competition with schools around Kampala. Or club member and student Nanyama Irene S.6 Arts then became the overall best student.

Mutumba Simon Peter (Patron)


Scouts Movement

Our motto: ‘Be Prepared’

At St. Kizito S.S Bugolobi, Scouts is an association of boys and girls. They meet every Thursday for rehearsals.


All new students are welcome to join and enrol as a scout!

Mr. Ekwaro Benson (Patron)


Writers Club

Writers club has had eminent representation since its inception in the school. With the slogan, “the Pen is the tongue of the Mind”, the club is a good avenue for students to express themselves and appreciative the creative arts.

 With the weekly meetings involving reading, writing poetry (watching poetry recitals), and short stories, we believe it is a good start to aid learners discuss each other’s works, open their minds to criticism and general view of the world.  The students are introduced to the skill of editing and general literary appreciation.

The club prides in the weekly readers’ and writers’ news letter, ‘click S.K.S’, this we hope will aid all the students to develop their reading and writing skills.

The students have been able to participate in various competitions. Last year (2013) the students took part in the short story day Africa competition, a global activity by Uganda Women Writers Association (FEMRITE), with the two stories presented from Mbonigaba Julius Ceaser and Diko Winifrey, Diko emerged the runner up of the competition after PMM Girls Jinja, winning an Anthology of short stories, and Susan Kiguli’s poetry book, ‘African Saga’. The students were also able take part in the poetry recital with the lantern meet of poets during the talent show. This helped them to know the basics of oral expression and presentation.

This year, the students took part in MEBO theatre writing competition and Diko Winifrey emerged a winner of the A’ level section.

We hope to publish an anthology of the students work annually. Like many, we belief writing is cathartic and as a club, we hope the students get as much exposure to writing as possible. The students have learnt to share with others discursively believing that the pen is the best weapon.

Teachers in the club:

Ms. Akite Beatrice (Patron)

Ms. Lanyero Victoria

Mr. Mwa Denis

Young Christian Students (YCS)

This club was initiated worldwide by Fr. Jospeh Cardjin, a Belgian. The club at a country level was established by Fr. Albert Fleskens who was a chaplain of St. Marys’ College Kisubi in September 1956.

The motto of the club is, “see, judge and act’’. The key activities include: enrolment of new members, sharing resources (agape), holding/conducting/discussions/conferences of topical issues in life. Through such, students are enabled to discover, reflect and act upon their problems by themselves for the good of the student’s world. Students are able to get committed to Christ and society through action.

The club aims to make the world in which a student is living a better and happier one to live in both spiritually and materially. The club strengthens the Christian Faith of the person involved and aids bring a deeper social and Christian awareness of the problem facing the world and provide solutions. Most importantly the club aids build a solid and balanced personality in students to enable them take a meaningful place in the society.             

Mutumba Simon Peter (Patron)


Christian Youth Missionary Group (CYMG)

In Feb 23rd 2002, an assembly of 40 members gathered for a workshop on the topic “Mission Animation” at Comboni House in Mbuya, Kampala.  They resolved the need for Ministry of Missionary Promotion/Animation as a vital necessity.  After the discussion, the assembly established a Council (UMAC).  This council came down to Dioceses, Parishes, Sub-Parishes and Small Christian Communities, Schools and Institutions, hence the origin of Christian Youth Missionary Group (CYMG).  In St. Kizito S.S Bugolobi, CYMG started in 2006.


Giving witness to the Gospel in the modern World “Go Out to the whole world and proclaim the good news to all creation” Mk 16:15.


CYMG has been able to uphold Christian values and missionary activities. With our motto, ‘Faith in Action’, the students are encouraged to live in the community by example maintaining the value of Faith, Hope and Love.

Teachers in the club:     

Mr. Kalinimi Paul.

Mr. Kibuuka Robert.

Mr. Omwony Denis

Beatrice Akite (Patron)



MEMPROW means mentoring and empowering program for young women. This is a feminist organisation that brings together girls and young women across the world, particularly Uganda to provide skills and knowledge they need to become successful, confident and self reliant individuals.

The organisation sets pace for building capacity for young women to engage more actively in leadership for transformation, creating a social justice environment for women’s worth, women’s rights and gender equality.

The girls are able to learn not only from each other but also from women of older generation and experience.

At MEMPROW, we believe that building a generation of informed women, independent, self-assured and healthy ladies is important in transformation of our communities.

Tibaaga Esther Mwase (Patron)