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Head teacher’s Message

Written by  Sr. Boniconsilii Ngabirano
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Sapere Aude. Dare to be wise. That’s the exhortation St. Kizito Secondary School, Bugolobi, gives us in its motto. A seemingly simple exhortation. But the more we reflect on it, the more we realise that these two words – daring and wisdom – cannot and should not be taken lightly. Perhaps the best way of discovering the meaning and power of these words is to look at the life and work of the patron saint of the school, St. Kizito. At a young age – he was fourteen years old when he was martyred – Kizito refused the fleshpots of Kabaka Mwanga's palace and chose to follow the glorious light of our Lord Jesus Christ, at whatever cost. In other words, he dared to be wise in the sense that he chose that which does not spoil (eternal happiness) over that which spoils (worldly happiness and pursuits). Young though he was, he was wise enough to see that following the heavenly King is all that mattered. And he was willing to seal his choice with his blood.

At St Kizito Secondary School, Bugolobi, our patron saint’s life prepares us to face the difficult task we need to accomplish as teachers, parents, foundational body, board of governors and other stakeholders: guiding and accompanying our students on the journey of their lives and equipping them with knowledge and skills that can help them to make informed, wise decisions. That is, encouraging our students to dare to be wise, and equipping them for this daring. We do this through a vibrant educational programme that includes but is not limited to classroom lessons, co-curricular activities, school clubs, spiritual movements, regular Mass offerings, and mentoring workshops and seminars, to mention but a few.

Our aim is to develop the person in his or her entirety: the heart, the head and the hands, as educational theorist Harold Bloom termed it. In doing this, we are always guided by Fr. Luigi Giussani's conception of education. To him, to educate is to introduce the person to the totality of the reality. This means, among other things, paying attention to the learners’ experiences and using these experiences to help the learners make sense of what they are learning in school.

By choosing St. Kizito Secondary School, Bugolobi as your school or your child’s school, you are giving us the opportunity to participate in the wonderful event of helping you discover who you are as a human being and what your mission on earth is. We thank you for this and we hope that our relationship will mutually enrich us, for this task – discovering who the human being is and what his or her task is on earth – is one to be performed by all stakeholders – teachers, students, parents, and board of governors, among others.

I welcome you to this beautiful and great school. It is a place of love and care where every person feels at home because he/she is looked at as having a value that surpasses whatever shortcoming he/she may have.

May God bless you abundantly as you help us to make St. Kizito Secondary School, Bugolobi shine ever brighter.

Sr. Boniconsilii Ngabirano,


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I’m proud to be a product of St. Kizito S.S Bugolobi. It has contributed much to what I am today

-Beatrice Akite

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