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Literature in English is one of the oldest subjects to be introduced to the Uganda school Curriculum. It was introduced as soon as high school was introduced in the school system in 1959.

It is one of the principle subjects and it falls under Arts and humanities.

The subject comprises three genres namely; Prose and Poetry, Plays/Drama, and the Novel.The subject is compulsory in the lower secondary and it becomes optional from S.3-S.6.

Aims of teaching Literature

  • Shape the affective, develop the cognitive and apply the psychomotor skills.
  • Appreciate Literature in English to enhance linguistic, aesthetic and creative growth.
  • Develop personal independent personal skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, decision making, research and analytical skills.
  • Prepare learners for various career paths for example journalism, Law, Acting, Mass communication, Education, Public Relations Officers, Creative Writers among others.
  • Introduction to Literature
  • Introduction to Oral Literature
  •  The Trials of Brother Jero (Play)- By Wole Soyinka
  • Animal Farm (Novel)-By George Orwell
  • Betrayal in the City (Play)-By Francis Mbuga
  • Introduction to Poetry
  • Lion and the Jewel (Play)-By Wole Soyinka
  • The River Between (Novel)-By Ngugi Wathiongo
  • Song of Lawino and Song Of Ocol-By Okot P’Bitek
  • The African Child (Novel)-By Camara Laye
  • The Burdens (Play)-By John Ruganda
  • Rhymes and Rhythms (Poetry)-By Ogungbesan
  • To read extensively in order to enrich they general knowledge.
  • To attain maturity of thought appropriate to their level of mental development.
  • To develop thinking, reasoning skills and maturity of thought.
  • To become independent and critical thinking skills.

Literature at Ordinary Level

Lower secondary, S.1 and S.2 syllabus

  • S.3 to S.4 Literature Syllabus-UNEB
  • S.5 to S.6 Literature Syllabus-UNEB
  • Paper 310/1: Prose and Poetry
  • Paper 310/2: Drama/Plays
  • Paper 310/3: Novels

General Paper

It is a multi-disciplinary subject which derives its contents from the whole Curriculum. It is taught at advanced level. The subject helps the learners to explore and assess Social, Economic, Cultural, Philosophical, Scientific, Environmental, Development and Technological issues. The subject helps the learner to make Cross-Curricular links and to develop maturity of thought. Further still, language skills are developed that enables them to express themselves, achieve understanding and usage of English language, express arguments, ideas and Opinions in a reflective and academic manner.

Aims of teaching General Paper

Teachers in the department;

  1. Emmanuel Okiria (H.O.D)
  2. Ms Akite Beatrice
  3. Ms Lanyero Victoria
  4. Mr Semyalo Rogers
  5. Mr Ampuriire Fortunate
  6. Sr. Ninsiima Rovinah
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I’m proud to be a product of St. Kizito S.S Bugolobi. It has contributed much to what I am today

-Beatrice Akite

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