Business Department



The best preparation to do work tomorrow is to do good work today. The business department creates an exciting opportunity for growth, relationships and a good future commitment to improve on the quality of people’s lives.

The mindset of a person should be built with a positive attitude and ability to see potential in the young s generation.

Goal setting is a pivot in student’s lives. They keep their self esteem high by believing in their dreams and career choices to further their experiences in life. Great students never quit the battle but fight a good battle. To have a goal it’s just a dream with a deadline.

Great awareness as they keep abreast with commercial business world. Learners often admire and get inspired to be the best by learning as much as they can.

Our generation should keep faith and trust in the word of God because it tells us about the future with utmost accuracy. Impossible is nothing with God.

Head of Department: Joseph Opolot